When You Spend Time With God Every Day
BIG Things Happen

Revolution is about equipping you to do grow closer to God. Each day we’ll provide scripture, a devotion, prayer focuses, and a song or video.

All you have to provide is the time.

Commit 10 minutes to God each day to read and pray. Throughout the day, reflect on what you read and ask God to guide your thoughts.

God will always multiply your time investment. Expect Him to change you as you see His peace and love become real in your life.

Why Revolution?

Because sometimes you¬†need to make drastic changes. Throughout history, revolutions were a result of people wanting big changes and they weren’t afraid to take big steps to get there.

Maybe you need a big change in your life. You need a revolution. God can do that but first you have to get your heart aligned with His. Our daily devotions will help you to just that.

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