How to Use an Air Mask | Monday | October 1

“For this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.” So they began to celebrate. –Luke 15:24 NIV

From time to time, all parents need to be revived before trying to help their children. Just as when flight attendants tell us to put on our air masks before trying to help our child, we need to be infused with the anointing of the Holy Spirit before we can help our children through emergencies—or even the everyday troubles of life.

If we aren’t fully armed with the full strength and power of God, then how can we be of any help to our child? Satan doesn’t fight fair—he would like nothing better than to drag our kids off like sheep to be slaughtered, our battles are not with flesh and blood but are in the spiritual realm, making it vital that we rely on our heavenly Father to level the playing field for us.

Come, Lord Jesus, revive us! Revive and equip our children! Send Your Holy Spirit and make our enemies scatter. Free our children from any chains they may have binding them, open their eyes and unstop their ears to see and hear You. Heal their hearts and restore their minds.

Prayer Focus

  • Pray for parents and children of all ages who feel unequipped for spiritual battles that arise.
  • Pray for revival and God’s Holy Spirit to captivate, equip, and speak through your life.
Karen Toby

Karen Toby

Karen currently resides Louisville, Kentucky. She enjoys journaling, and writing for her company's annual catalog, which she also designs and publishes.
Karen Toby

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