The Alert Church

So we should not be like other people who are sleeping, but we should be alert and have self-control.

–1 Thessalonians 5:6 NCV

God’s people are called to be wise, while redeeming the time by providing a good example for others. Fulfilling God’s divine plan for your life requires you to be alert and self-controlled. Every day provides occasions to glorify God and point the way to others with the hope you have in Christ—so stay alert to the opportunities that God brings your way.

You have been gifted and equipped by God to fulfill a unique purpose at this time in history. Always remember that God’s wisdom and power is not hindered by your human limitations. Remain confident that when you are weak, God’s strength can be revealed in and through you. He uses imperfect vessels to bring about His will on the earth, so be diligent and wise when investing your time, talents, and resources.

When you’re alert to what God is doing, you will recognize the opportune time to do His will. You can revive weary souls with the truth of His word and pray in faith believing for miracles that only God can provide. Faithfully fan the flame of God’s Spirit within and let your life be guided by faith, hope, and love.

Prayer Focus

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and direction when it comes to investing your time, talents, and resources.
  • Ask God to help you be self-controlled and alert to what He’s doing, so you’ll recognize the opportune time to do His will.
Bridget Haymond

Bridget Haymond

Bridget Haymond has a diploma in Biblical and Theological Studies; is a Certified Leadership Coach and a Certified Human Behavior Consultant.As an author, coach and teacher, Bridget’s mission is to encourage spiritual growth and purposeful living. Website:
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