Now Isaac came from the way of Beer Lahai Roi… And Isaac went out to meditate in the field in the evening; and he lifted his eyes and looked, and there, the camels were coming. Then Rebekah lifted her eyes… -Genesis 24:62-64

Isaac went out to meditate. What exactly was meditation to Isaac or the people of his day? Isaac had returned from going to the well Beer Lahai Roi. Isaac and Rebekah were about to meet and begin their new life together.

Isaac was returning from the well, Beer Lahai Roi, which translated means, A well to the Living One Who sees me. The living one, of course, is God. The well got its name from Hagar – his mother’s maidservant who bore his half-brother, Ishmael, into Abraham’s family. As Hagar wept at that well, the Lord spoke to her and gave her directions to return, submit to Sarah, and to have her baby. God would bless Hagar through her son Ishmael. Her response? You are the God who sees me.

So, as the story progressed in the verses above, Isaac returned home, and then went out to meditate. Worship. Pray. Think. Ponder. Reflect. Look inward. He looked up and saw camels coming. But he also saw Rebekah. As if on cue, Rebekah also looked up and saw Isaac.

The well, Beer Lahai Roi, is the well of the Living One Who Sees. Isaac worships, looks up, and sees his future. Rebekah looks up and sees her future. It’s time to look up to the One Who Sees.

Prayer Focus

  • Pray that you would look up to God and see with new eyes what He is showing you and what He has placed before you.
  • Your God is the God who sees you. Lord, may I look up and see You. And know that You see my need. And that You will provide.
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