A Bicycle From God | Thursday | December 27

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. –Mark 11:24 NIV

It was Christmas 1984, and my seven-year-old son Adam wanted a new bike. The only problem was, I couldn’t afford one. I had a garage sale, scrimped, cut corners, but still fell short.

I did have enough to put one on layaway though, so by faith, I did. I saw a beautiful red bike I knew that he’d love, but it was way too expensive. Instead, I picked a cheaper one. Christmas finally came, and just in the nick of time, I managed to pay off the layaway.

When I picked up the bike, they offered to assemble it but that cost extra. Not possible. When I opened the box at home, inside was the beautiful red bike I’d wanted, not the one I bought.

I’d have to give him the bike and figure out the rest later. The next morning when he saw it, he was in tears and exclaimed, “It’s the one I saw in my dream.”Somehow God had bypassed everything I did and answered my son’s prayer specifically, right down to the color.

Never doubt that the Father hears your prayers or that He cares about your life. When we have the faith of a child, He answers them all in His way and in His timing.

Prayer Focus

1) Always keep your heart as the faith of a child—simple and trusting. 2) Don’t let doubt rob you of your blessings. Believe and you will receive.

Brenda Beattie

Brenda has been the chaplain for the USPS for many years. She loves to write! She has been published in Angels and Dr. Dobson’s publications. Currently, she is proofing her new book, Finding Sacred Ground in the Daily Grind, for publication.
Brenda Beattie

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