Better Not Bitter | Friday | September 28

I am forgotten as a dead man out of mind: I am like a broken vessel.

–Psalm 31:12 KJV

Have you ever felt walked on, pressed down, broken, or crushed?

In ancient Israel, the winemaking process consisted of putting the ripened grapes on a large flat surface hewn out of the rock. They would walk and stomp the grapes with their bare feet letting the juices to flow downward to be collected by a vessel. This allowed the juice to be expressed but did not crush the seed. A heavy millstone or sandaled feet would have done so. A crushed grape seed becomes very bitter, thereby making the wine unfit to drink.

When we experience life’s “crushing” injustices, it is not God’s intent to make us bitter. Yes, left on the vine we may look whole and pretty, but it is only through these pressing times when we can experience the sweet taste of God’s intoxicating love. God wants us better and beloved, not bitter.

Prayer Focus

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to use the pressings of life to lead you to the genuine love of God that makes you whole.
  • Pray that the crushing things you experience will be the “wine” to strengthen others.
Gloria Shrock

Gloria Shrock

Gloria, a registered nurse, is blessed with two adult daughters and six grandchildren. She loves going on mission trips with her husband, Randall, reading the Word, and journaling what the Holy Spirit speaks to her.
Gloria Shrock

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