Build a House or Pitch a Tent

And the Lord said, “Now get up and cross the Zered Valley.” So we crossed the valley. – Deuteronomy 2:13 NIV

Have you ever spent time with a friend and thought, “I could live this life”? Maybe they have things you do not, and you think it would fit for you. You wonder why God gave them their scenario and is still calling you to something else. You would be happy to settle for that situation, that life.

You could make it work. There are some red flag words here. Conversations with yourself which include “fit”, “settle” and “make it work” do not consider God’s will which is perfect and good, (Romans 12:2).

It is hard to see someone settled, fitting nicely and making life work well when you are still riding the camel through the desert. In Deuteronomy, the Moabites were settled in the land God had given them. God was working other scenarios, but I cannot help believe they were there to provide a respite for the Israelites as they trekked on to the place God was calling them.

The Moabites final destination was a camp site for the Israelites. Are you tempted to build a stone home where God wants you to pitch a portable tent? The Israelites only made it to the Promised Land because they kept going. Keep going to where God is calling you.

Prayer Focus

  • Ask God to keep your focus on the final destination.
  • Ask God to make you a blessing to others in places where you “camp”.
Caron Rivera

Caron Rivera

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