Cross-Shaped Love | Friday | December 28

How precious is your unfailing love, O God! All humanity finds shelter in the shadow of your wings. –Psalm 36:7 NLT

The Cross symbolizes God’s love for us. There are many people who have not yet received this gift of hope and salvation given to us through Jesus’ death on the Cross. Sometimes we allow ourselves to drift away from God because we are searching for independence.

We don’t want anyone telling us what we should or should not do. As a result, we seek pleasure and make choices that will ultimately lead to the wrong outcome. However, when the storms of life come and things start to spin out of control, we quickly realize independence is the last thing that is needed.

Instead, we should run to the Cross where God offers shelter, love, and peace. We may have taken our eyes off of Him, but He never takes His eyes off of us. It does not matter where wehave been or what we have done.

No one can love us as much as God loves us. As Romans 8: 38-39 (NIV) tells us, “For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

We must remember to always look to the Cross, which is God’s statement of love.

Prayer Focus

1) Thank God for His endless love for you (John 3:16).
2) Praise God for His faithfulness.

Rosemary Valentino

Rosemary has been a Christian for forty years and loves the Lord. She is blessed with a loving husband, two children and five grandchildren. She is humbled to be able to write devotions and share God's word. She gives Him all the glory.
Rosemary Valentino

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