It’s easy to fill your day with all of life’s duties and distractions without giving God the time He desires. But spending time with God produces blessings as you grow closer to Him.

One of the easiest ways is through a daily time of reading and praying. Revolution is designed to help you do just that.

Your next step is to put together a plan. Here’s how.

1. Pick a Time

There’s no right or wrong time. Many people spend time with God as soon as they wake up but you could do it during lunch, before bed, or any other time.

Some people spend 10-15 minutes during their devotion time but as you draw closer to God, that amount may increase. It won’t be long before you’re living every moment feeling like you’re in constant communication with Him. Don’t worry so much about the amount of time. Quality is more important than quantity.

2. Pick Your Place

Maybe it’s on your patio, while walking, in your favorite chair, or at a coffee shop. Pick a place where you can concentrate, won’t be interrupted, and won’t fall asleep. (Your bed might not be the best idea.)

3. Keep it Structured

Each devotional is standardized. They start with a verse, a brief teaching, and two prayer focuses. Some may also have a video or song too. We suggest you read the verse, ask God to provide clarity, read the teaching, and go into a brief time of prayer.

You could pray with or without music, kneeling, sitting, standing, walking, or however you connect with God. Pray through the two prayer focuses, and spend time praying for people God lays on your heart.

You don’t have to follow our suggestions. Develop a structure that works for you. It’s all about your heart. If you’re using this time to truly connect with God, He will show up.

Other Tips

  • Stick with it. Habits take about a month to develop. Don’t expect to develop any positive habit overnight. It will become easier.
  • Ask God to help. Often, life change fails when we try to do it alone. When you ask God for help, He will give you the strength and willpower you need.
  • Spend time as a couple. God wants you to draw closer to Him individually and as a couple. Your marriage will grow even stronger as you spend time with God as a couple.
  • Are you single? Start a study group and go through the day’s devotion as a group–either as a group over breakfast or lunch or discuss on the phone, over e-mail or social media.