Exalt the Lord

With my mouth I will greatly extol the Lord; in the great throng, I will praise him.

-Psalm 109:30 NIV

Extol means to greatly or highly praise the Lord, as if to bring your praise to a higher level than ever before. And why wouldn’t you praise Him? He has given you breath, life, joy, peace, friends, comfort, jobs, homes, and list goes on and on and on.

But even if He did nothing more than become your Savior and friend, that alone would be worth your greatest praise.

The psalms are full of joy and despair, but through it all, praise is given to God. In life you have two choices when the storms come to beat against your life: keep God as your shelter and ally or push Him away as your enemy. When you keep Him as your ally and friend, you’ll find encouragement, protection, and peace.

No matter what, praise Him anyway, for if He did nothing more than all that He has already done, that alone would be worthy of your praise forevermore.

Prayer Focus

Praise God in the morning and all day long

Thank Him for all He has done

Heather Potts

Heather Potts

Hailing from Wisconsin's frozen tundra, Heather loves living in sunny Florida along with her husband and their two daughters. Her passion is strengthening marriages and empowering women to walk in their true identity in Christ. (Blog site www.heather-potts.blogspot.com.)
Heather Potts

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