The Way to Be Extraordinary

This man, Daniel, distinguished himself among the other officials and satraps because there was an extraordinary spirit in him. The king thought about putting him in charge of the whole kingdom.

–Daniel 6:3 GW     

Being extraordinary is about living with integrity, humility, and morality. Your uniqueness is another part of what makes you extraordinary, so let your distinctive gifts and talents from God shine brightly. Don’t shrink back; you serve a big God who can do extraordinary things through you.

Extraordinary people live life on purpose and leave a positive, contagious imprint on those they influence. They are unforgettable because they make people feel special by valuing them, making time to really listen and connect with them. They are able to genuinely celebrate the success of others and cheer them on. Thankfulness is another hallmark of extraordinary people. Their attitude will also motivate and inspire others to embrace a gracious and positive perspective.

As God’s leader and influencer you’re creating a legacy with your life, so make it one worth remembering by simply being you. When your life vision and goals honor God, you can be confident those ambitions will bring out the best in you as you value and honor the best in others. This will distinguish you in an extraordinary way and make a powerful impact in the lives of those you influence

Prayer Focus

  • Pray that your gifts and talents from God will shine brightly as you trust Him to do extraordinary things through you.
  • Ask God to help you leave a positive, contagious imprint on those whom you influence.
Bridget Haymond

Bridget Haymond

Bridget Haymond has a diploma in Biblical and Theological Studies; is a Certified Leadership Coach and a Certified Human Behavior Consultant.As an author, coach and teacher, Bridget’s mission is to encourage spiritual growth and purposeful living. Website:
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