It’s Not Fair!

Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me, if you understand.

–Job 38:4 NIV

Often life doesn’t look or feel fair. And naturally your soul cries out for justice. The greater the disappointment or injustice you face, the more you may blame God or rage at those around you. After all, you want someone to make things right! But the Lord reminded Job that He is God—and you are not.

The Lord is in control in a world that often feels random and cruel. Where were you when He laid the foundations of the earth, or set the boundaries of the seas? Who are you to judge God’s plans and the work He is doing even now? When you are tempted to blame or rage at God, remember that He is still the God of Heaven and earth. Trust Him to do His work and have faith in His plan for you.

Prayer Focus

  • Help me to trust You, Lord, and turn my disappointments over to You. I release my anger and frustrations to You.
  • Show me Your ways, Lord, and not mine.
Marti Kurtz

Marti Kurtz

Marti is a medical practice administrator and mother of two beautiful daughters. She has enjoyed writing throughout her life and hopes to bring joy and encouragement to others. She is a 40 year resident of the west coast and enjoys an active lifestyle with friends and family.
Marti Kurtz

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