Reaching People for Jesus

And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” -Mark 16:15 NIV

And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” -Mark 16:15 NIV

Zach,” his mom said, “stay right here while I make a bottle for your sister.” Zach’s mom could feel him pushing on the shopping cart while she tried to attend to the crying infant. “Zach! Stop pushing the cart! I can’t make the baby’s bottle with you jostling the cart like this.” The cart finally stopped moving. His mom finished making the bottle and gave it to her daughter. She turned to take Zach’s hand only to find that he wasn’t there.

“Zach, come out here please.” She assumed he was just hiding behind one of the clothes racks. “Zach, this isn’t funny.” His mom began to shake as she walked up and down the aisles. “Zach!” She waited to see if he would answer. “Zach!” He didn’t answer. She began to stop nearby shoppers and ask them if they’d seen her little boy wandering by himself, but they all said, “no”. She stopped a nearby clerk and asked him to page her son, but he was busy helping another customer and said she’d have to wait or go to the customer service desk.

She pushed the cart as fast as she could to the customer service desk. The line was 15-people deep, but crying, she walked to the front of the line. “Go to the back of the line,” someone shouted at her. Crying, she said, “Please, my little boy…I can’t find him. Would you please page him? Could you please help me look for him? I’m desperate to find him.”

As God is our Father, He is also desperate and cries out to His children who don’t yet have a relationship with Him. He calls to each one and says, “My child! My child! Please come home.” He sends us, His other sons and daughters, out to find them—His lost children—and bring them home. Just like Zach’s mom, God doesn’t give up on us. No matter where we are, how far we feel from Him, or what we’ve done, God will never give up wanting us to turn to and have a relationship with Him.

Prayer Focus

  • Have I embraced God, my Father, who has been searching desperately for me?
  • Who do I know that needs to feel God’s loving embrace and how can I tell them about His love?

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