The Game of Life | Wednesday | September 12

Dear friends, I warn you as “temporary residents and foreigners” to keep away from worldly desires that wage war against your very souls.

–1 Peter 2:11 NLT

The Game of Life board game is akin to our lives on earth. From start to finish, we transition through stages of life aiming to achieve, earn, and store up treasures while hoping to live happily ever after when retirement comes. Many go through life obtaining cars, a degree, a career, a house, children, etc. Regardless of all that’s attained, many are still dissatisfied with life. Deep in their hearts they know something is missing. The one thing that The Game of Life does not offer is Christ. He is the missing piece that fills the void within the human heart and soul, offering true life on earth and eternal life in Heaven.

As believers in Christ, we are actually “temporary residents and foreigners” here on earth. Our real citizenship and home is where God resides. Heaven is our eternal destination, and we are just passing through. There’s nothing wrong with obtaining the above necessities of life, but we are not to let them consume us.

In spite of all life’s goodness, at times, we may sense that something is still amiss. Perhaps it’s because we don’t fully belong—we are homesick. We long to be where Jesus is, to see Him face-to-face.

Prayer Focus

  • God, thank You for sending Jesus to be the Savior of the world. Because of my faith in Him, I have entrance into Heaven.
  • Lord, thank You for preparing such a wonderful place for believers of The Way. I’m looking forward to Your second coming. Amen.
Barbara Alpert

Barbara Alpert

Barbara’s favorite Bible verse is Psalm 118:17. This particular life verse inspired & empowered her to write about her journey with God in hopes of helping others. Her favorite pastime is walking on the beach with her husband, Dave.
Barbara Alpert

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