Goody Two-Shoes

Do to others as you would like them to do to you.

–Luke 6:31 NLT

Have you ever been labeled a “Goody Two-Shoes” or a “Do-Gooder”? Back in the day, these were not accusations but compliments. Goody Two-Shoes was actually a popular nursery book written in 1765, similar to Cinderella, complete with a happy ending for the sweet, virtuous young woman.

Too often today, those who are ethical and respectful of others are viewed with suspicion rather than admiration. Why? Perhaps because too many over the years have crossed the line from humble to self-righteous. Have you or do you know people who have crossed that line and instead of giving glory for all good things to God, taken some for themselves?

Thankfully your heavenly Father knows your heart, and He will gently bring you back in line with His lovely and loving plan for your life—if you allow Him to do so. One definition of a Goody Two-Shoes is to be “excessively virtuous”—what a wonderful description of Christians following in Jesus’ footsteps through life.

How ‘bout it? Goody Two-Shoes?

Prayer Focus

  • Pray that the good Lord would see you as a Goody Two-Shoes and a Do-Gooder as you present your life to Him and others.
  • Pray that the Golden Rule will govern your public and private life.
Angela Shears

Angela Shears

Angela Rickabaugh Shears gives God all the glory for establishing her editing and writing business 15 years ago. She is excited and blessed to be involved with several Christian publishing companies and hundreds of Christian authors worldwide who are devoted to sharing God's message.
Angela Shears

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