Head Down, Arms In, Knees Out | Thursday | November 1

“Some time later, when he went back to marry her, he turned aside to look at the lion’s carcass, and in it he saw a swarm of bees and some honey.” Judges 14:8 NIV

Today’s verse is from the story of Samson, where a story of divine intervention plays out in unlikely humans. This story contains an infertile couple, a messenger from God that disappears, and an arrogant strong man who becomes so enamored with his earthly strength that he is blinded to his greater purpose and his divine blessing.

In Judges 14:8, Samson is going to a nearby town to take a wife who looked pleasing to him. Along the road he sees the carcass of a lion filled with honey that he had killed while protecting his parents during a prior trip to Timnah. The significance of this event is that first Samson turns aside from the path that he was traveling, and second Samson takes the honey from the lion carcass.

Samson was designated a Nazirite from birth by the angel of the Lord and, therefore, not to touch deceased things (in addition to not cutting his hair). In this early story of Samson’s life, we can see Biblical action steps applicable to our 21st century lives.

First, we should keep our posture aligned with our heavenly goals; do not turn aside. Second, what seems earthly sweet is not worth compromising our purpose for God’s kingdom.

Prayer Focus

1) Lord, help us to keep our posture reverent – facing you as the savior of our lives; help us to stay focused on your goodness.
2) Jesus, fill us with your joy and give us a song in our heart that satisfies our cravings for earthly pleasures.

Dan Richards

Dan Richards

Dan is a loving husband, active father, and corporate pilot living in the Sarasota area. Involvements at church include the parking and media teams. Writing is a passion, and a focus during the down times inherent to the travel profession.
Dan Richards

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