You, God…my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water.

–Psalm 63:1 NIV

From the time we are born, our body tells us when we’re hungry or thirsty. Most of us are blessed that when we become aware of the need, we can easily go to the refrigerator, turn on the water or pull in a drive-through and have exactly what we are craving.

It would be foolish of us to ignore the signs; lack of food and water leaves us anxious, unable to concentrate, and even cranky. Taken to the furthest extent, ignoring our physical need for nourishment can lead to dehydration, starvation, and eventually death.

The signals of spiritual malnourishment are just as obvious when we learn to recognize them. Fear, discontentment, that “empty” feeling that you can’t pinpoint a reason for—those are all signs that you are spiritually hungry.

When you make the decision to accept Jesus as Savior, make Him Lord of your life and invite the Holy Spirit to dwell within you, the feast has just begun. Each morning and throughout your day, it’s important to eat the spiritual food He has provided and drink from His well—His Word. Every. Single. Day.

Prayer Focus

  • Thank God that His food is always available—day and night.
  • Ask Him to help you begin to crave His Word, His company, taking delight in His feast!
Carol Lewis

Carol Lewis

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