Obsessive Thinking

Each day has enough trouble of its own -Matthew 6:34 NIV

Obsessive thinking, worry and fear can alter your perception of reality to the point that you find yourself taking neutral situations and projecting them onto your worst nightmare. It will cause you to prepare for every possible negative outcome in a futile effort to protect yourself from unknown dire circumstances—most of which will never happen.

When you are constantly looking to the future and anticipating doom, the world becomes a threatening place and you will lose touch with reality. When you stay in a heightened sense of “alert,” you make it impossible to see the beauty around you.

Live in an attitude of gratitude today. Stay present, and with God’s guidance tackle one day at a time. When you trust God with today, tomorrow will take care of itself.

Prayer Focus

  • Pray that God will give you joy and gratitude for today.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to take away any obsessive thinking, worrying or fear and to replace it with joy, love and peace.
Torie Yoder

Torie Yoder

Torie is a Midwestern girl relocated to Bradenton, FL where she attended Bayside College of Ministry with Bayside Community Church. She is an avid writer with project638.com, a blog to encourage young women.
Torie Yoder

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