Always Point to Jesus

I took my troubles to the LORD; I cried out to him, and he answered my prayers. —Psalm 120:1 NLT

Are you in the habit of sharing all your issues with others instead of taking them to the Lord in prayer first? It is scriptural for you to have others pray on your behalf, however, many of your concerns can be brought directly to God without a middle person involved.

You can boldly take your troubles to the throne of God and share them with Him. Afterwards, if you are still uneasy about a situation then have others pray on your behalf. God loves when His sons and daughters seek Him first through prayer rather than them seeking others first.

On the flip side, is there someone in your life that perpetually comes to you with one urgent request after another? They have fallen into the habit of asking you to pray for them.

If so, perhaps the next time they ask you to pray for them, you can politely ask them if they personally prayed to God first regarding that issue. People can easily form a bad habit in running to others with their troubles while overlooking the beautiful opportunity they have in seeking God first.

Be watchful in becoming someone’s mini god; instead, point them to the One who loves them beyond measure. If need be, teach them to pray. The more they take their troubles to the Lord, the more joyful times you will share in fellowship with one another.

Prayer Focus

  • Go directly to God’s throne today and share with Him all your troubles.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit who God would have you intercede for in prayer.

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