The Power of Ridiculous Prayers

The Holy Man said, “Where did it sink?” The man showed him the place. He cut off a branch and tossed it at the spot. The axhead floated up. -2 Kings 6:6 MSG

In his book, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, Mark Batterson talks about ridiculous prayers, saying, “a request can never be too ridiculous when you’re asking the One who knows no limits.” Batterson cites the story of the ax head that floated, to prove his point, (2 Kings 6:1-7). He describes the density of an iron ax head vs. the density of water and summed it up by saying, “Iron ax heads don’t float,” and the only way to ever find out if the unimaginable could happen is to, “Pray a ridiculous prayer.”

Throughout the Bible, there are hundreds of miracles that all started with a ridiculous prayer. The ax head was one example. Another was Jesus turning water into wine at a wedding feast (John 2:1-11). To God, the size and weight of your problem doesn’t matter. To the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, the only ridiculous prayer is the one you never ask.

If God cares enough about the little things to answer Elisha’s prayer about an ax head and Jesus’ prayer about wine at a wedding feast, don’t you think that He cares about your needs and desires, too. What need have you been silent about because you think it’s too ridiculous to bring before the Lord?

Prayer Focus

  • Ask God for that desire or need that’s been burning in your heart.
  • Thank Him in advance for answering your prayers.
Heather Potts

Heather Potts

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