In Him Is Our Refuge

…Blessed are all who take refuge in him.

–Psalm 2:12 NIV

Some children, when away from their parents, feel afraid and insecure. When in their rooms at night, in the stillness and darkness, any small sound causes them to feel afraid. But, when they call out, “Daddy,” and Daddy comes, he picks the child up in his warm, loving arms, and all fear is gone in the protection of his embrace.

When we make a firm decision to take refuge in the arms of our heavenly “Daddy,” we are truly blessed. He will take you in His loving arms and caress and kiss your fears away. He will never turn you away, and you can rest assured that nothing will come up against you. Jesus is our Protector and our Refuge in all situations, and He will shelter you under His wings.

He will keep you from the snare the enemy may have set up for you. He saves you from the terrors of the night and angers of the day (Psalm 91:5). So take refuge in the One who gave you life and the One who gave His life—Jesus. Remember, we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. So take refuge in Him.

Prayer Focus

  • My Heavenly Father, let Your Holy Spirit give me the daily assurance of Your protection.
  • Father God, let my dependence throughout my day be completely and totally on You.
Sunilda Quiles

Sunilda Quiles

Sunilda has resided in Sarasota since 1992. She has three children and four grandchildren. She has known the Lord for 48 years and loves to write about His goodness, love and most of all His faithfulness. She has two published articles: One in Angels on Earth and one in Spectrum Nursing magazine.
Sunilda Quiles

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