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How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver! -Proverbs 16:16 NIV

Ask the average person what would make their lives better, and most would say “More money!” “If I just had a raise…” “If I just could find a better job…” “If I could just win the lottery…”

Maybe you have had similar thoughts and are tempted to believe that material possessions and wealth would solve a big portion of what’s wrong in your world.

While money is a useful and necessary part of the culture in which believers live, the Word of God cautions against unknowingly putting your faith in it. True wealth isn’t found in the accumulation of monetary possessions. It flows from a heart that is bent toward God.

Allow your desire for money to tarnish, and instead, polish up the godly possessions of wisdom (v. 16), humility (v. 19), faith (v. 20), prudence, (vv. 21-22), and patience (v. 32), knowing that these treasures will never lose their value.

Prayer Focus

  • True wealth comes from knowing You, God. Help me shift my priorities today.
  • Jesus, thank you for giving me the greatest treasure: Salvation through faith so I can live eternally with You.
Karen Woodall

Karen Woodall

Karen is primarily a writer/editor for InTouch Ministries, but also pens for other ministries, and crafts discipleship posts for She lives near Atlanta, homeschools her kids, loves sports, and desires to help believers know Scripture and live for Jesus.
Karen Woodall

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