Trial, Tribulation & Turmoil

Who is this that obscures my plans with words without knowledge?

–Job 38:2 NIV

Job isn’t usually a favorite book of the Bible, but this simple narrative actually teaches much about how to navigate disappointments and pain today.

Unimaginable disasters orchestrated by the devil were designed to tempt Job to curse God, but he remained firm in his faith. After a lot of questions and conversations that are recorded in the majority of the book, God shows up in chapter 38 to personally address Job (see today’s Scripture). Basically, God said, “Job, I’m God. I do what I please, for reasons you don’t understand.” And, interestingly, that’s enough for Job.

You know, there are some things God doesn’t tell us (see Deuteronomy 29:29). But just because a situation doesn’t make sense to us doesn’t mean that it’s, indeed, senseless.

Remember, Job had no idea about the spiritual interaction between Satan and God that occurred in Chapter 1. Nor did he understand that his story would stand as a source of encouragement for countless generations. There was purpose to the tragedy he endured. Job just didn’t see it.

The Bible gives us plenty of evidence that God is trustworthy. As a result, we can be confidant in His love, even when our experiences defy explanation.

Prayer Focus

  • God, help me see how You are working in my pain and help me trust You in it.
  • Jesus, You are trustworthy and have proved Your love for me every day. Help me believe even when my heart aches.
Karen Woodall

Karen Woodall

Karen is primarily a writer/editor for InTouch Ministries, but also pens for other ministries, and crafts discipleship posts for She lives near Atlanta, homeschools her kids, loves sports, and desires to help believers know Scripture and live for Jesus.
Karen Woodall

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