Wanting All God has to Offer

You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown and trampled underfoot.

–Matthew 5:13 NIV

What did Jesus mean when He said we lose our saltiness? Do we lose our salvation? God forbid! We cannot lose our salvation. The moment we ask Jesus into our hearts, we are signed, sealed, and delivered. We receive forgiveness and grace.

Ok, so what does God mean? We all have certain issues in our life—perhaps addictions, pride, and the like; but because God gave us free will, we can choose to stay or to flee those issues. Whether we stay or flee, God still loves us; however, if we choose to stay, what God had in store for us He can no longer give because we cannot handle the responsibility.

But if we choose to flee from the issue, the sin, holding us back from God fulfilling His destiny in our lives, we will be blessed with the abundant opportunities that God always had in store for us.

Are we capable of handling what God gives us? It’s a choice. Let’s reach for all that God has to offer and not miss out on being the salt of the earth for His glory. How awesome to see how God will use us if we choose to want all God has to offer!

Prayer Focus

  • God, I pray that I will choose to be the salt of the earth—to have all You want to give to me, not just a portion.
  • Whatever issues are holding me back from receiving all God has in store for me, please remove the bondage now.
Cyndimarie Brindley

Cyndimarie Brindley

Cyndimarie is a new contributor for the Revolution Devotionals. She has a diverse background in writing, including documenting war experiences for her father as well as writing poetry and music. She has a heart for writing and a desire to be used by God in all that she does!
Cyndimarie Brindley

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