God’s Inner Circle

Keep company with God, get in on the best. -Psalm 37:4 NIV

Keep company with God, get in on the best. -Psalm 37:4 NIV

Being “in the know” means you’re not afraid to ask questions and seek the truth. But whether you are in the office, at home, or somewhere doing life, you should never be afraid to seek more information or context.

God is the ultimate “in the know,” and He wants to enlighten you. What wisdom do you lack? What questions do you have? What answers do you seek? What needs do you have? Hang out with God and you’ll begin to have revelation in these areas.

When kids are growing up, parents want their child to hang out—or not—with certain people, because they’re likely to take on the traits of their friends. Imagine if that person was God and all of His qualities, wisdom, and insight began to “rub off” onto you? What would you have need of or lack as you became more like Him?

God is the ultimate “in the know” and He is available to you, in all places and circumstances. Remember the importance of spending time with Him, drawing ever closer to His side, getting to know more of Him each day. No matter what circumstance you are in, God is the source of all you need—whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual—and as you draw closer to Him, more of Him is poured out onto your life.

Prayer Focus

  • Pray that these words you are reading become a truth in your life.
  • Ask God to bring someone into your path that you can encourage today.

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